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Hello, I am Raja, a computer science master graduate specializing in neural machine translation. I am interested in NLP and Deep Learning in general. My research focus was on improving machine translation for morphologically rich languages by incorporating morphological information in the words in the model

Recent Works

Improving Neural Machine Translation for morphologically rich languages ​ (MS Thesis)

  • Proposed and implemented an NMT architecture in PyTorch that can improve the translation quality of morphologically rich languages like German, Turkish, Tamil, etc by incorporating subword information.

  • Successfully improved the translation performance on ​ German->English and Turkish->English ​ by ~ 2-3 BLEU points against the benchmark transformer model

Unsupervised morphology induction using word embeddings

  • Implementation of the Unsupervised morphology induction paper for CMPT882: Neuro Machine Translation course at Simon Fraser University

  • Implemented morphological induction technique from ​the paper and used it to study the performance of different word embedding models on their ability to capture the semantics of the words.

Work experiences

India (2012 - 2015)

After finishing my undergrad Engineering at MIT, Anna University, Chennai in Computer Science, I started my professional career in 2012 as a Network Engineer at AGC Networks. Worked on implementing various end to end high availability networks consisting of APs, Switches, Routers, Controller and Firewalls. Promoted as Lead-Projects. Handled a project from Project plan to Project Sign off.

I joined Athenahealth Technologies, a cloud-based service provider for health care in 2013, where I worked on web applications in Perl and JS.

Then, went into a self-discovering mode for a year and tried my hands on travel startup in 2014. We built a personal travel assistant that was the one-stop destination for all your travel needs starting from travel planning, booking to the actual travel. Handled complete development process including architecture design, frontend and Django backend. I left the company and started my Master at UNBC, Canada in Computer Science.

Canada (2015 - 2018)

While persuing my masters at UNBC, I worked on a strategy based learning startup called Road2Math. I designed and development web applications using AngularJS, socketIO with NodeJS backend.

Parallely, I worked as an Android Developer in a Publishing company called Angler’s Atlas. I also developed a research project (Python) that extracts locations specified in texts from social media platforms like youtube description and geotags them using NLP and Machine learning algorithms. It was essentially an NER problem.

In 2017, I joined Timber Tracks Inc. where I worked full-time as Full-Stack Developer. I was developing a management / analytical tool to improve the productivity of logging companies. I developed web app (AngularJS), mobile app (ionic, Angular, TypeScript) and backend (Django - python)

I recently joined Numerator as a Senior Software Engineer when I am working on a pricing intel application focusing on product matching.